Prints available

Prints available

For that work i wanted to be involved with past in the art history and the today world image conception. For that reason create an image of a nude woman body in watercolors and i cut a photography for the face. choosed the face of Ashley Olsen, a famous mode design in the United States of America. Her face is beautiful, I liked it , and second, she is famous, that its other feature of our today world. Wherever you can find a magazine with the image of a famous actress or actor, a recognized singer or an amazing sportier. We are more than in the past raid by “ideals “ of beauty. Therefore there is the face of Ashley Olsen. It’s not a joke about she, its more about an image that the society try to sell us. To finish the work, I realized that just one image could not fulfill the idea of the conception of image today, as an object, where just no matter the quality of the images , but too the available copies. If an artist want to be recognized by one work, he or she should show that in all the possible places, possible platforms , and all possible times.


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