Inside of me

Inside of me

This image was made some months ago.The technique is acrylic on cardboard. The idea was to paint important things for me. Some things that could talk about me. From left to right one can see: at first pears, my favorite fruit, the red book is my favourite text, ” El lapiz del carpintero” from the writer and journalist Manuel Rivas. I should read that book at the school, and i will be completly honest…i hated it. I put that then on the library. Was until the end of the highschool when i was checking the library at vacations that i found the book again. I remembered the past experience, but despite of that, i read it again. I dont know, maybe the first time i read that, wasnt my moment to understand it, but at second, more or less three years after, i found it so interesting, the way he writes, the theme, the complex world he creates with the words. It is curious but now its a book that i always recommend. The object that look like a candle is a lantern, it was the present for my godfather at one birthday. It is not a common present, and i found it so elegant. I was sure it should be there at the image. The old clock is not only the friend who wakes me so soft all the days, it is also a birthday present. At last i added a glass with colorful marbles, because it reminds me the evenings at the grandma house, playing with my father and brother.


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